Deep South Tour: Day 5

Ryan, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11:00 pm: This morning was the first morning that I woke up on my own.  I slept until about 7:00 pm, and then went to the USS Alabama, a battleship that fought in WWII.  It is an enormous ship with a massive structure. I liked visiting the USS. Alabama because it had lots of information about the captain and crew and how they lived.  I got to lay down on one of their cots.  They sure didn’t have much room.

Ryan Brim at the guns of the USS Alabama

After that we stopped at a candy shop in downtown Mobile, AL, and picked out some sweets at a local candy store. We then loaded our bags in the van and hit the road for New Orleans. We arrived at our first destination, the WWII Museum. It was much more informative than I hoped and way more interesting than any other museum that we have visited anywhere else. One of my favorite parts was a projector screen that would shine on part of the floor and show images of how the battles played out. I wish I had a TV like that at home!

We checked into our hotel and Mike and I took a short walk around the block. I saw my first voodoo shop. There seem to be a lot of them near our hotel. We quickly got hungry and decided to go to a restaurant called Oceana. The food was great there. For the first time, I tried an oyster. Actually, I tried 3 kinds: Oysters Oceana (the house special), Oysters Rockefeller, and oysters on the half shell, which was the best.

I better rest up for the long day tomorrow.

Dana Angello, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6:20: These are a few of my favorite things (about today):

1. Spending the morning in downtown Mobile, Alabama with me, myself, and I. For a while, I read in Sperda’s Coffee shop, shopping in a resale book store, and browsing in an art gallery.

2. Being assured by the housekeeper that the comforters are washed every other day. Our hotel was not nearly what the online reviews described, but at least we know that we weren’t sleeping under an infested comforter.

3. Finishing the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. What a great book! I recommend it to anyone…well, to adults.

4. Visiting the World War II Museum in New Orleans. The museum was so informative about both the European and Pacific fronts of the war, the war at home (including lots on Rosie the Riveter), and the propaganda machine during the war.

5. Arriving at our beautiful hotel in the French Quarter and relaxing for a bit and eating authentic New Orleans cuisine at Oceana in the French Quarter. I tried oysters for the first time and loved them!

Today was yet another great day and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

Amanda Ketchum, Tuesday, January 11, 2011
10:30 pm: Today was a very leisurely and laid-back kind of day for me. I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold, so I decided to take some time to relax a little bit and hopefully keep it from progressing. I think it worked because now I feel much better.

I started my day by sleeping in until 9 o’clock. I then took the time to blow dry my hair for the first time in a little over a week. It doesn’t really make my hair look any better, but it makes me feel better. I then watched CNN for a little while. We then left around eleven to head to New Orleans. I had the entire back seat to myself, so I got to lay back and read my book. It was very relaxing

Our main activity for today was the National World War II Memorial Museum. I really liked this museum. It had a ton of information about all the different parts of World War II. They even had some veterans walking around giving tours to some people, which I think was interesting. They had a variety of different methods of putting forth the information; they had short “movies”, audio recordings of soldiers from the war giving their personal experiences, actual objects, such as the uniforms and weapons, models of what the environment was like, propaganda posters, and more.

US Propaganda Poster, WWII

The variety kept it interesting and made it to where everyone of all learning types had the chance to enjoy it. My personal favorite would have to be the D-Day exhibit. I have always been fascinated with the liberation of Normandy. It is said to be one of the most ambitious missions in the history of warfare. From the amount of coordination between, not only different units, but different countries, I can easily see why this is. Their objective was to destroy the German’s Atlantic wall. The fact they were able to get together the number of soldiers and equipment needed to complete this objective alone is amazing.

Another part that I liked was the section on Propaganda. I liked how they not only had examples of the American propaganda posters, but they also had examples of posters the Japanese made about Americans. The museum had so many things and so much information.

For dinner we went to a seafood restaurant in the French Quarter. We actually walked from our hotel through a section of the French Quarter to get there. There are so many different places and the architecture was wonderful. The food at the restaurant was really good. I had crawfish fettuccini. They loaded the pasta with pieces of crawfish. I was really into the idea that I had the opportunity to eat crawfish, and I did not have to sit there and de-shell them. It is not exactly the same, but still very tasty. The sauce they used for the fettuccini was really good.

We walked down Bourbon Street on our way back to our hotel. It was full of bars, lights, and…other types of places. They had loud music playing down the street. It was pretty neat. It was really amusing when we were walking down the street and Ryan said to me, “I don’t know where to look. I’m afraid I am going to see something I don’t want to” (referring to some adult themed pictures we passed while walking).

Group on Bourbon Street

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. I am really looking forward to going to the little shops around the French Quarter.


One thought on “Deep South Tour: Day 5

  1. What a great day! The pictures are great. The propaganda poster was fascinating. It made me sad, though. I should be a Miss America because I am wishing for world peace. ha

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