Deep South: Final Day


All: Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our final day, we visited Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana.

Capitol Building, Baton Rouge


We saw where Huey Long was assassinated, and we went to the top of the Capitol Building.

Capitol Building Lookout, 27th floor--overlooking the Mississippi

For our final blog, we decided just to rate the places we went.  Here were the final tallies:

1) New Orleans
2) Savannah
3) Atlanta

1) Oceana (New Orleans)–Creole
2) Magnolia Grill (New Orleans)–Creole
3) Green Erth (Jacksonville, FL)–Persian Food

1) D-Day Museum (New Orleans)
2) High Museum of Art, with Dali Exhibit (Atlanta)
3) New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans)



2 thoughts on “Deep South: Final Day

  1. Having spent time in all those cities, I would have to agree with those rankings. However, I have not visited post-Katrina New Orleans so I am glad to know it’s still enjoyable.

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