Alum Blog:

Ademide Adedokun (Mon, Nov 29, 2010):

Hi, I’m Ademide Adedokun and I’m a proud Alumni of the Sam Houston State Political Science Junior Fellows! I was as an active participant and member of  the Junior Fellows from 2006-2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the Fall of 2008 I left Huntsville and did an internship in Washington, DC with Congressman Kevin Brady in his Washington, DC office. Following my internship I was hired as a Staff Assistant for newly elected Congressman Pete Olson. Two weeks after I began working there, the Junior Fellows came to Washington, DC for inauguration.  They drove from Texas to DC and saw many historical sites along the way. I hope they return for inauguration in 2013.
I was very grateful and happy to find a job in DC. While I was working for Rep. Olson I began graduate school at American University in  August of 2009.  After almost two years with Congressman Olson, I accepted a Public Affairs position at Coast Guard Headquarters in November of 2010 which brought me full circle to my time in Huntsville. While I was in Huntsville, I volunteered and worked with the HEARTS Veterans Museum, so I find it quite amazing that I find myself working in a military organization.  When I left Huntsville, Marie Martinez a volunteer at the museum gave me a paperweight that sits on my desk.  I plan to take it to every job I ever have. It’s a reminder of the wonderful people in Huntsville that helped me along my journey.

Emily Johnson & Ademide Adedokun

Editor’s Note:  Ademide was President of the organization in 2008.


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