Austin: Day1

Ryan Brim 10:47 P.M.

Today after school, we went home and did the last of the packing and headed out for Austin and arrived there around 7:30 P.M. We ate at a Persian place called Alborz. My favorite dish there was Chelo-kebob. I also took a picture with a belly dancer that worked there. I would have enjoyed it more if Cameron and Blake were not in the photo.

We came to the hotel without any trouble. Tomorrow I will be going to two seminars. The first one will be “getting into public service.” The second will be “working with the media,” which will help me with my blogging so you can enjoy my writing more…

Cameron Goodman, Belly Dancer, Ryan Brim, Blake Roach


Lacey Moore, 10:28

Hello everyone, this is Lacey Moore, a friend of Sam Houston State University’s Junior Fellows. Today was the first day of our trip to Austin to attend the New Politics Forum.  We had a good first day, the three-hour car ride went by fast and we ate at an interesting Persian restaurant called Alborz.

I am excited about attending the conference tomorrow. The theme is Career in Politics, and being a junior in college looking to start applying to grad schools, this could not come at a more appropriate time.  I am also looking forward to seeing the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. I have only been to one other presidential library (The Bush Library) and I liked it a lot. This is going to be an exciting, educational trip!

Dana Angello, 10:40 pm

Today we embarked on a weekend in Austin to attend a New Politics Forum conference at the University of Texas. (My Aggie upbringing leaves me with chills as I type that sentence.) We have a great group of travelers, a mix of Junior Fellows members and non-members, juniors, seniors, and Ryan, and I am excited for a great weekend.

The theme of the conference is “Careers in Politics.” I am impressed with the list of panelists: Michael Williams, Texas Railroad Commissioner; Chris Bell, former U.S. Representative; Jennifer Sarver, Chief-of-Staff for the Office of Ambassador Karen Hughes; Bill Spelman, Austin City Council Member; and Jay Brown, attorney for several Texas officials and state agencies. They will be speaking on different topics: electoral politics, what public service entails, lobbying and advocacy, and political communications and the media. As always, I am excited to hear what all the panelists have to say about their respective topics. It’s going to be a great day!

 Cameron Goodman, 11:28

My name is Cameron Goodman and I am currently a senior majoring in Political Science at Sam Houston State University. This will be my third New Politics Forum and I am looking forward to learning more about careers in politics, especially public service and running for office.  Each New Politics Forum has been a great experience so I am really looking forward to my final NPF and learning more about the world of politics. 

 Today we left Huntsville at around 4:30 and made our way into Austin by around 7:30. We made a quick pit stop at the hotel and then left for a Persian restaurant named Alborz. The food was amazing and the restaurant even featured a resident belly dancer. One of the main goals of the Junior Fellows goals is to promote education so I took the opportunity to study Persian culture, especially the art of belly dancing.

I hope that all the restaurants are this interesting!

Blake Roach,    11:37 pm

I’ve got my suitcase packed, and I’ve been looking at the clock all day long. Waiting for 4 pm to come around proved to be a challenge for me all week long. But finally the time came to head to ATX, as many people call it. My name is Blake Roach, and I’m a Political Science Student at Sam Houston State University.  Although last week was Spring Break for Sam Houston State students, it really wasn’t one for me. While many students were having there fun, I was hard at work preparing for this weekend. And now, I am finally in Austin, Texas to attend the New Politics Forum. Even though I’ve only been to Austin a handful of times, it feels like home. It’s both the Texas State capital and political capital of Texas. I’ve enjoyed politics for years, and attending The New Politics Forum will be one of the most in-depth conferences that will teach me about politics.

We had a pleasant car ride to Austin, with the guys in one car and the girls in the other. Naturally, we discussed politics, running for office and school, too. The first place we ate at was the Alborz Persian Restaurant. I had the buffet that had a variety of foods, from lamb to some of the best hummus I’ve ever tasted. I decided to be the eccentric in our group and try the “dough,” which was a Greek Yogurt drink that looked and tasted like a blended up Caesar salad dressing with smallish green things in it.  The “dough” is the type of drink a waiter suggests when his tip is included with the meal, which, incidentally, it was. After gulping down a few sips of the dough, we were able to get a picture with a belly dancer at Alborz. I soon forgot all about the dough.

Tomorrow is the beginning of NPF, and I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow’s experiences! Until then, as John Mayor says in his song Who Says, “It’s been a long night in Austin…” So, Best Regards until next time.


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