Reflections on President Gibson’s Investiture

Blake Roach

The presidential investiture event was a wonderful historic event. I started the historic day by waking up at a historically early hour for me-6:43 am. Yes I know, I have this thing about waking up at abnormal times. After shaking the sleep off and driving to campus, a central thought ran through my mind for the rest of the day: “it’s a great day to be a Bearkat.” As I walked from the quadrangle part of campus to The Peabody Museum, I ran into many other dedicated Bearkats who were on duty just as I. All of us had smiles on our faces, because we were a part of SHSU history that day. On the 8th day of March, year 2011, we witnessed Sam Houston State inaugurate its first female president in its 130 plus years of existence. To put it into perspective for me, I had to consider that Sam has only had 12 previous presidents before President Gibson.

Junior Fellows (and friends) help with the President's Investiture

Most of the day had a cloudy overtone to it, but the rain held off for the most part. As the actual investiture ceremony ended, a beautiful sunny Texas day bloomed into existence. It was as if the weather was welcoming President Gibson into a new chapter of SHSU history. After the official ceremony, a campus reception was held which gave students a chance to mingle with Board of Regent members, professors, and of course Dr. Gibson! The cookies at the reception had to have been the best cookies I’ve ever tasted on campus. And on the same token, this had to have been the best event I’ve volunteered for at SHSU. But I’m sure I’ve stated that after many events. You see, one of the things I take pride in as a student at Sam, is being a part of unique experiences such as an investiture that lead you to say “It’s a great day to be a Bearkat.”


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