Democrats v. Republicans Charity Football Game

The Political Science Junior Fellows are hosting their 4th annual Charity Football game Saturday, April 9, 2011 at Pritchett Field.  Kickoff is at High Noon.  The event is free, and everyone is invited!

The game will feature SHSU Political Science majors, faculty, and community leaders, each of whom donated money to participate in the game.  In all, $3,000 was raised, and these funds will be split between Scholarships for SHSU Political Science majors and the local YMCA.

Walker County Republican Chair Russell Martinez Heads for the End Zone

The first such game was in 2008, when Professor John Holcombe coached the Democrats and Russell Martinez coached the Republicans.

The Junior Fellows present their donation to the YMCA in 2008. Professor John Holcombe is holding the check.

Later that year, Professor passed away.  Since then, the Democrats and Republicans have faced off two more times and have split the money they have raised between the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund and the YMCA.

The Junior Fellows donate to the YMCA and the Holcombe Scholarship in 2010. Many of Holcombe's former students are in the picture.

Counting the funds raised this year, the organization has raised a total of $9,400 for the two organizations–while having a lot of fun in the process!



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