Republicans v. Democrats: 2011 Charity Football Game

It was a good day for the Political Science Department, the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund, and the YMCA.  The Junior Fellows 4th annual Democrat v. Republican Charity Football Game raised more than $3,000 while also providing a lot of fun.

Cameron Goodman going up for a pass

Approximately 100 people attended to watch the game, and the Democrats generously provided hot dogs and sodas, while the Republicans offered cookies and brownies.

As it turned out, the Republicans won, the third time in four years.  The final score was 49-28.

Republicans Won: 49-28

More importantly, both the YMCA and the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund received more than $1,500 from the charity game.

Of course, the football was what you would expect from academic types, but the halftime show was fun, with sack races and a YMCA dance….

Youngsters compete in the sack race.

Youngsters, Junior Fellows, and YMCA Board Members Dance to the Village People's YMCA

Other than the donations, the nicest part of the day was spending time with old friends.  Former Junior Fellows Megan Bryant, Laken Jenkins, and Justin Veillon all returned to play in the game or help with the game, and it was nice to catch up.  Ryan Brim thought so, too.

Laken Jenkins, Ryan Brim, and Megan Bryant




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