Sammys: 2011

The Political Science Junior Fellows attended the Sammys tonight.  It was another wonderful performance by Student Activities.  Leah Mulligan, Angie Taylor, and Brandon Cooper–and many others–do a wonderful job putting the event on.

SHSU's Wonderful Jazz Band Entertains the Audience

The Junior Fellows were fortunate to win SHSU’s “Outstanding Campus Honors / Academic Organization” this year.

Cameron Goodman, Devon Hernandez, Dana Angello, and Robert Loughran

The organization was also thrilled to have some “prospects” and “friends” on hand.

Cameron Goodman, Ryan Brim, and Robert Loughran

Devon Hernandez, Johannah Thompkins, Dana Angello, Jacqueline Romero, and Lacey Moore

It was a wonderful evening and another reason why it’s great to be at SHSU!




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