Ryan in Dallas

I worked with the Junior Fellows and some other groups this morning from 9 am to 1 pm, helping with the Spring Clean downtown.  I had no idea that there could be so many cigarette butts littering the downtown.  I probably picked up a couple of pounds of them.  After getting cleaned up, we hopped into the car for the long trip to Dallas.  When we got inside the city, we used the GPS, with her annoying British voice, to guide us to the Magic Time Machine, a very interesting restaurant.

They had lots of great menu items.  I had the Munchkin Plate, which came with popcorn shrimp and french fries.  For drinks I got two potions: the red potion and the ugly potion.  The drinks bubbled.

Ryan with his caterpillar and red potion.

The restaurant was full of waiters and waitresses dressed up in costumes resembling Waldo, Mario, Alice (in Wonderland), Robin Hood, Woody (from Toy Story), and many others.

Ryan with Woody from Toy Story

Our waitress was dressed up as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.  Every waiter or waitress had his/her own personality.  When Alice came to our table and saw my balloon caterpillar and told me to be careful because the caterpillar smoked a lot.  When Mario spoke, he used a high-pitched voice.  I got most of the characters to autograph my book and or take a picture with me.

I cannot wait until tomorrow (which is not that far away–it’s almost midnight!), my mom is taking me to see something cool, but she is keeping it a surprise.

Good night!

Ryan with Jack Sparrow



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