Busy Week!

This week, we have the following events:

Tuesday, April 26: Mona El Tahawy: “Inside the Egyptian Revolution”
Tuesday, April 26: Tony Bennett and the Houston Symphony

Tony Bennett

We’re doing a split squad, with Cameron Goodman and Lacey Moore leading a group to see El Tahawy and Dana, Mike, and Stephanie seeing Tony Bennett.

Friday, April 29: Relay for Life–all members of the groups and the “friends of” fighting cancer!
Saturday, April 30 (morning): Outdoor Explorer–kayaking, hiking, biking, and grilling in the state park.  In addition to existing members, and prospective members, Megan Bryant will be coming into town.
Saturday, April 30 (evening): Scrapbooking, catching up on the archiving of our events!
Saturday, April 30 (evening): A duo of Junior Fellows will be attending Encore.


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