Alvaro Uribe: Former President of Columbia

The Junior Fellows recently had the opportunity to have lunch (with many others!) and a small-group discussion with Alvaro Uribe, President of Columbia from 2002-2010.  It was an enlightening discussion from an interesting world figure.

President Uribe with Christian Bionat


One thought on “Alvaro Uribe: Former President of Columbia

  1. I hope you used the opportunity to question him on the US Defense Intelligence Agency report that he was a personal friend of Pablo Escobar and a useful collaborator with the Medellin cartel. Or his connection to right wing death squads. Or maybe his use of secret police to investigate the Supreme Court as it was deciding on the constitutionality of his running for a third term. Or the influence peddling scandal involving his two sons.

    If so it’d be interesting to hear what he had to say.

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