Lone Star Leadership Academy: Ryan Brim’s Week in Camp

The Political Science Junior Fellows are committed to promoting education, professionalism, and public service. For the most part, we promote these among the members, among other students, and in the community.  We’ve also had the opportunity occasionally to sponsor young people for special opportunities.  Recently, we helped sponsor Ryan Brim, a 12-year old who will be entering 7th grade next year, to go to a Summer Camp in Fort Worth.  The sponsorship, however, came with strings–specifically, we asked that Ryan blog for our website at least twice during the week of his camp.  His blog is below.  Special thanks to the Lone Star Leadership Academy for a great program and congratulations to Ryan on what seemed to be a great week!

Ryan’s Lone Star Leadership Academy Blog

From Monday, June 13, through Friday, June 17, I went to Dallas-Fort Worth to attend the Lone Star Leadership Academy.  I was nominated by my teacher, Mrs. Bell, for my grades and leadership skills.  I had to raise money to be able to go on this trip, which I did through family and friends such as the Junior Fellows.  Here’s a brief overview of my week:

Monday, June 13

When I got to the camp, I registered quickly and got a quick breakfast.  I began to work on my first activity, and after that, we got on the bus and headed to the Summit Climbing Gym.  I climbed rock walls until my hands hurt.  About halfway through our time there, we did a group exercise to work on teamwork and remembering names. 

We ate at Jason’s Deli for lunch, and then got back on the road to the Cowboys Stadium.  We had a tour of the Stadium, including the field, cheerleader’s locker room, and the football team’s locker room. 

After that, we headed to the Palace of Wax.  My favorite part was the scary section, although most of the girls were screaming all the way through. 

Ryan Brim with Catwoman at the Palace of Wax

Tuesday, June 14

We were awoken at 6:15am to get ready by 6:45am and have breakfast at 7:00am.  We did one group activity, and then jumped on the charter bus.  The first site that we visited was the Fort Worth Stockyards.  It was super informal, and they had a cattle drive where they walked all the longhorns down the street.  Forth Worth is the only city in the nation to do this every day, twice a day (the cattle drive).  It’s also the only city in the U.S. to have their own registered cattle brand, which happened to be the design on our shirts for that day, the “Running FW.”

After Cowtown, we visited the Amon Carter Museum, an American art museum, and then the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  They were okay, but the Stockyards were probably my favorite site of the day.

Wednesday, June 15

The first site we went to was the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.  I have been there before, but this time I learned that working there could be a cool job.  I think it would be nice to work there because I would get to work at historical site and work with artifacts from the early 60s.  My favorite part of the day was after lunch when we went to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, especially the Electric theater and the IMAX Theater.  I liked the Tesla coils the best because they shot purple lightning out of the ends.  It was super awesome!!! XD  We watched a documentary on dolphins.  It made me really dizzy!

Thursday, June 16

In the morning around 9am, we left for my favorite place this whole trip, the Texas Civil War Museum.  On one side of the museum, they had the Union and all their stuff, while the Confederate display was opposite on the other wall.  They even had an old sea biscuit that would still be good if you ate it today!  Our tour was led by Colonel Sam, who was a colonel in the Civil War. 

The second place we went was the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  When we were on the tour, one other person in the LSLA asked the tour guide, “How much do you make?”  He meant her salary, but instead she said, “$16,000,000,” meaning how much money they printed. 

Friday, June 17

The only thing we did on Friday was to eat lunch at Humperdinck’s and go to The Ballpark.  Humperdinck’s had pretty good food.  It was pretty high up on restaurants that I liked on this trip.  The Ballpark is the field where the Texas Rangers play.  Although we didn’t get to go out on the field, we did get to go in a lot of special places like the batting cages, press room, and sit in the dugout.  It was awesome!  😀

It was a super week.  I learned a lot a lot about myself, and leadership, and several different careers.  Thank you to the Junior Fellows for supporting me in this trip!


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