Ryan Brim, Day One

Ryan Brim
Wednesday, November 10, 2011

Hi, I’m Ryan Brim.

I’m not in college yet (7th grade), but the Junior Fellows occasionally bring me on their trips (with my mom’s permission), and I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had. Today was no different. Our first stop was Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana. The most interesting thing about the capitol building is the observation deck. I was here earlier this year, but it is still fun to see and explore the deck, which sits near the top of the 34-story building. You can see the whole town and much of the Mississippi River from the top. We also visited the Louisiana State Museum.

Junior Fellows Overlooking the Mississippi

My favorite part was the Mardi Gras section with costumes and floats. After the self-guided tour of the pharmacy museum, we ate at Mother’s. I had a grilled shrimp Po-boy. I enjoyed the Cajun-style food, although I wished they sold oysters on the half shell. We walked to the WWII museum (which mostly covers D Day) and stayed for two hours learning and observing the history of the war. The museum has been my favorite site so far on this trip. My favorite part of the museum was the Pacific Theater section, where the museum addressed the war with the Japanese. I took photos of the propaganda posters both sides used to try to win support from their people. Around 7:30 we left for the Oceana Grill, where I ate a delicious meal consisting of Oysters Rockefeller, Oceana chargrilled oysters, Turtle Soup, Alligator Sausage, and Crab Cake Fettuccini. For dessert I had a huge bowl Crème Brule. I could not finish it all, even with the help of the Junior Fellows. After a long day, we took a circular route back to the hotel, passing Jackson Square. The statue wasn’t lighted, but it was still a nice view, and we took a nice picture before returning to the hotel.

Junior Fellows at Jackson Square


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