Melva Gomez, Day One

Melva Gomez
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Although we waved goodbye to Huntsville, TX this morning we woke up by saying “good morning” to the state of Louisiana. Not only is the state of Louisiana home to the LSU Tigers but it is home to the tallest state capitol building the country, New Orleans and Gumbo!

At 450 feet and 34 stories, the Louisiana Capitol is the tallest Capitol in the United States, and is located beside the Mississippi River.  The design of the Art Deco building was exquisite.  Despite being such a large building, the designers still took great care with even the details, such as the illustrations on the doors.  The marble in the senate room was extraordinary and the deep dark wood added the classic touch to the room.

While all that was enough of a treat, the cherry on the top was seeing my friends Christian and Ryan hugging the innermost portion of the observation deck, doing their best to steer clear of the ledge.

The Louisiana State Museum, located across the capitol square, was filled with mind-blowing exhibits about the history of the “Pelican State.”

The one particular part of History that grabbed my attention was the Assassination of former Governor Huey. P. Long.  At 9:00 pm on September 8, 1935, Carl Weiss , a young Baton Rouge surgeon, walked up to Huey Long and shot him in his abdomen at close range.  In return, Long’s bodyguards shot the assassin 62 times.  Weiss died on the spot, but Long hung on for a couple of days, before succumbing to death on September 10, 1935.


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