Ryan Brim Blog, Day 3

Ryan Brim
Friday, November 11, 2011

This morning, we headed out on a trolley tour. It was very informal. I learned many new facts about Savannah that I had no knowledge of until riding on the Old Town Trolley Tours.  For example, did you know that the original Coca-Cola bottling company was founded in Savannah?  Also, there are many theories about how the name of the city, Savannah, came about.  One of the theories is that early settlers came from England and saw the live oaks and the flat lands and were reminded of an African savanna.

Back in the day they used Spanish moss for the inside of beds (to stuff a mattress with).  Spanish moss is home to tiny, red bugs.  Ever heard the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite!”?  This is how the saying came to be – from bugs in the mattress stuffing.  Spanish moss can be found all over the live oaks in the squares and in the parks of Savannah.

Tybee Island is where we came to be after lunch at The Cotton Exchange, to tour the 154-foot-tall lighthouse.

Tybee Lighthouse

We climbed it – all 178 steps to the top – and took pictures.  I was very scared and clung to the sides while I was on the observation deck.

Ryan Hangs On

It was also very windy and chilly. But, it was a very cool experience.  It is now my favorite part of the trip.

As for dinner, though, the two kinds of oysters—Bloody Mary Oysters and your classic raw oysters on the half shell—saffron seafood pot, and fettuccini primavera for dinner at Garibaldi’s were pretty good, too!

Recommended: Garibaldi's

And, afterward, just off the City Market, I got to read the newspaper with Savannah’s own Johnny Mercer.

Ryan and Johnny Mercer




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