Will Phillips Blog, Day 3

Will Phillips
Friday, November 11, 2011

11:00 am: After receiving a full night’s rest (1 and ½ hours of sleep) Christian, Melva, Ryan and I set off on the Old Town Trolley Tours in Savannah, Georgia.  Reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt has succeeded in prepping my senses for what to expect from Savannah.   Although we saw the outside of the Mercer-Williams house, we unfortunately were unable to tour the inside setting for the murder scene made famous by the book.

On the Trolley Tour, I was surprised to hear the amount of praise the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) received.  SCAD was originally not welcomed with open arms by the city of Savannah.  But Savannah has obviously changed their tune—they are very grateful for the many buildings that SCAD has renovated and restored (64 buildings in total).  I think it is pretty cool that, compared to typical college campuses generally centrally located in one area, SCAD classrooms are spread out all over Savannah. (I say this realizing that there is probably a great inconvenience in having to crisscross town to attend classes.)    

Everything in Savannah is picturesque; I actually think I did not come across a McDonald’s within the downtown area.   To me, that indicates that the City of Savannah has strict guidelines to follow as far as what kind of business can be located in the downtown area, and a McDonald’s would definitely not fit in with the general aura that Savannah projects.   In Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the author emphasizes that Savannah has an air of Southern patriarchy, and I would agree with the author.

1:30 pm: Since Savannah is a big port city; the Savannah River plays host to post-Panamax sized ships.  Melva, Christian, Ryan, and I walked along River Street, which takes you back in time with the cobblestone streets complemented by the architecture of the two and three-story shops and restaurants facing the river.  While having lunch at The Cotton Exchange, it was extraordinary, to say the least, to watch these massive ships be guided by three or four tugboats into and out of port.  Even more cool was to watch everyone else walking on River Street stop whatever they were doing to watch these ships quietly glide to their next destination.


4 thoughts on “Will Phillips Blog, Day 3

    • Ellen,
      I wish we could of stayed longer there (but I guess you can say that about any trip!). Definitely has a different feel to it, like its own little oasis.


      Bryan William Phillips III

  1. This is one city i have never been too and can’t wait to visit it! Jealous you’ve seen some fall follage. Safe trip home 🙂 Mom

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