Junior Fellows Spring Calendar (Partial)

Junior Fellows Spring Calendar

 Thursday, January 26: Joshua Bolten (Former White House Chief of Staff for G. W. Bush; Stanford Law Graduate; Professor at Princeton).
Wednesday, February 8:  Steven Cook (Member, Council on Foreign Relations) discusses the struggle in Egypt.
Thursday, February 9: Princeton Psychologist Danny Oppenheimer discusses how democracy works–despite itself–and signs his latest book.
Monday, February 13:
Walker County Bar Association Lunch, featuring George Parnham–Andrea Yates’ attorney.
: February 13-March 5: Citizenship Classes
Thursday, February 16: TX Wesleyan Law School Visit
Friday, February 17:
Wynne Home and Jesus Moroles
Saturday, February 18:
Sunday, February 19:
Football Practice
Monday, February 20
: President’s Day with Andy Card (former G. H. W. Bush Sec of Trans.; former G. W. Bush Chief of Staff; current Pres. of Bush School) and Nancy Pelosi
Tuesday, February 21: Empty Bowls
Tuesday, February 21: City Council Recognition
Thursday, February 23: Reagan Dinner, with Attorney General Greg Abbott
Friday, February 24: James Carville and Mary Matalin
February 22-26: Little Rock/Memphis/Natchitoches-(1) Martin Luther King National Civil Rights Museum, (2) Clinton Presidential Library, (3) Little Rock Central High, (4) Arkansas Political Science Conference, (5) Graceland, (6) Sun Record Studio, (7) Historic Natchitoches, (8) Beale Street, (9) Melrose Plantation, and (10) Nacogdoches Zip Line Course.
Thursday, March 1: Chamber of Commerce Trade Expo
Tuesday, March 6: City Council Recognition of Immigrants
Wednesday, March 21: Ali Soufan, “The Fight Against Al Qaida”
Thursday, March 22
: Let’s Talk—Dinner with your choice of 24 experts/celebrities
Friday, March 23: CHSS Wall of Honor Celebration)
Saturday, March 31: King Tut Exhibit, MFAH
Wednesday, April 11: Sammys
Friday, April 13:
Come Fly Away, Alley Theater
Wednesday, April 18 (Tentative):
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Arguments (possibly coming to Huntsville!)
Thursday, April 19:
Marcia Clark Book Signing (Prosecuting Attorney in O. J. Simpson case)
April 21: Democrats & Republicans Football Game
April 26: Lunch with Condi Rice
May 30-June 24: Noises Off—Alley Theater


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