Junior Fellows & Jesus Moroles

Among working artists that specialize in public art, few match Jesus Moroles, whose work with granite graces the public realms of cities all across North America.

Moroles’ work can be seen in New York, Albuquerque, Houston, the White House, and the Smithsonian, just to name a few.  Recently, the Junior Fellows went to New Orleans, where Moroles’ work sits in the Sculpture Garden outside of the New Orleans Museum of Fine Art.

Moroles’ Piece New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts

Soon, his work will also be seen on the east side of the CHSS Building on the SHSU campus.  It will be the centerpiece in an outdoor classroom envisioned by Dean John de Castro.  It promises to be the prettiest place on campus.

But this week, Moroles and his work can be found at the Wynne Home Arts Center, where Christian Bionat (that’s me!) is interning.  Moroles is in town as part of the Latin Arts Festival, and visitors are being treated to numerous pieces of his completed work…

Moroles Scultpure, Wynne Home

…and even to see him in action…

Moroles working hands-on with children

He also spent some time with the Junior Fellows, discussing his art (“My favorite work?  My daughter.”) and posing for pictures.

Moroles with the Junior Fellows

There’s not a lot of towns in the country where college students can spend a rainy afternoon in a beautiful home, exploring beautiful art, while talking with the artist who created it, but SHSU students can.


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