Junior Fellows Kick Off Their 2012 Charity Football Game

We might do things a little different this year, but we’ll still be out on the football field raising money for charity.  In the past four years, we’ve raised about $10,000 for the YMCA and the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund.  We hope to add $3,000 or more to that total this year when we play our official game on April 21, 2012.

In the meantime, we’ll occasionally update everyone on our practices which are a lot of fun and sometimes humorous, as depicted in the picture below.

Free For Fall

Actually, there were some pretty good moments in the games.  Melva Gomez, for example, is turning out to be quite a player, and today twice sacked the quarterback.  This may have been one of them:

Melva Sacks the Quarterback

At the real game, we’ll have activities for the YMCA kids, a live play-by-play announcer (KSAM’s Kooter Roberson), and lots of community support, we hope.

Junior Fellows Present their Donation to the YMCA


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