What a Way to Spend Presidents Day

Today was a busy one for the Junior Fellows.  Half the members assisted with the “Citizenship Preparatory Course,” their ongoing program that helps immigrants earn their citizenship.  But the other half of the organization took SHSU students to College Station, where they attended a lecture by Nancy Pelosi.

This being College Station and all, there were protesters expressing their displeasure with Pelosi’s visit…

Protesters at the Pelosi Event

For her part, Pelosi mostly played it safe, being gracious to her host, President George H. W. Bush, and sticking to a story of personal discovery.

Pelosi Speaking at the Bush School of Public Policy

It was a nice presentation, and it was a nice bonus to see Andy Card (former President H. W. Bush’s Secretary of Transportation) and former President H. W. Bush, and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

It was  a nice night, too, for the Junior Fellows to spend some time with non members.  We’d like to thank Dylan McCracken, Meghan Kelly, Lauren Kethan, Tony Itzep, and Deanna Tyler for attending and, as always, we’re happy alum Cameron Goodman was able to attend.  We hope they and other SHSU students will make some of our upcoming events, too!

Junior Fellows at the Bush Presidential Library


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