Justin Beiser: Day 3, JF Spring Trip

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today started out with a 6:00 am hike, ending with a breathtaking view of the Cedar Creek waterfall. The waterfall is 95 feet high and made the early morning hike well worth it.  Along the way the Junior Fellows were able to show their athletic ability, scaling rock walls twice our height and climbing into caves.


Scouting Out the Park

After our hike, we treated ourselves to a family-owned store, where we bought ice cream in honor of our injured colleague, Lauren.  Injured foot or not, Lauren was able to chase down an ice-cream truck yesterday for an afternoon treat.  So we treated ourselves to ice-cream cones following our rigorous hikes.  I was also able to pick up a snack favorite of mine, homemade pickled okra.  The store had a lot of offbeat offerings, and the owners were very friendly!

Junior Fellows Enjoying Ice Cream After a Long Hike

After a much-needed shower and bite to eat, we headed off to the Bowen School of Law. We met with the Assistant Dean of Admission, Valerie James, and she brought along a 3L and a representative from the graduate studies program. I found it very interesting that in four years at the Bowen school I could leave with a J.D. and a MPA. The quality of the school and its affordability make Little Rock a definite possibility for my law education. Dean James let me know that any non-Arkansas resident who is offered admission, is eligible for a scholarship, which would make the cost of attendance for non-residents and residents the same.  The cost of ins-tate tuition at the Bowen School is about $12,000 a year, which is very reasonable, especially for a non-resident. I was impressed with the school, as well as the students’ and administrators’ willingness to meet with us.

Junior Fellows with Assistant Dean Valerie James

After our law-school visit, we toured the law library briefly before heading to the Capitol building.  The Capitol was very nice, lined with marble wall to wall. We got a brief background on the Arkansas State Capitol before moving on to the Supreme Court building, which is on the same grounds. The Supreme Court was definitely the highlight of the day. Ms. Bond was a gracious host and very knowledgeable about the history and workings of the court. At the end of the tour we were allowed to sit in the justice’s seats for a photo opportunity. After a few photos we left the Capitol grounds for the Peabody Hotel.

The bi-daily “March of the Ducks” is known as an event that “once you have seen it, you can go on living your life”.  This was a fun event and it was impressive to watch the ducks leave the fountain in route to their penthouse suite.

The Ducks at the Peabody Hotel

We had a quick pick-me-up (a cappuccino), and we headed back to the Capitol grounds for another photo opportunity with Elizabeth Eckford, although this time it was a statue of her, not the real person.

Junior Fellows with Elizabeth Eckford Statue

Dinner was at the Whole Hog Café where the Junior Fellows appeared to see just how many ribs we could devour. The BBQ was great and the assortment of sauces were tremendous (#6 a mustard and vinegar blended BBQ sauce was my favorite).


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