Lauren Kethan: Day 3, JF Spring Trip

Friday, February 25, 2012

Today’s events started out at The University of Arkansas Law School–Little Rock. We were very fortunate to have the Assistant Dean, Valerie James, to take us on a tour of the campus and talk to us extensively about the Bowen School of Law. Visiting the law school made me really excited about the thought of attending one in the future.

Also, Mrs. James informed me the Plus Program they have at Bowen. I am very interested in researching similar programs in Texas to get a better idea of what to expect in law school.

Next we toured the Capital building at Arkansas, which is very similar to the Capital in DC.

Arkansas State Capitol

The floors were marble and absolutely stunning. There was a nice little gift shop on the bottom floor of the Capital and I got my mom and sister a souvenir to bring home. After touring the Capital, we headed over to the Supreme Court building. Our tour guide allowed us to stand at the podium where so many lawyers have stood to argue their cases. It was a wonderful experience to have!

Dinner was at the Whole Hog Café, where Justin and I split a rack of ribs that were the best I have ever had! For dessert I had a brownie, and it was delicious! Today made me very excited about the rest of my life, and it was a jolt of energy that got me pumped for tomorrow’s adventures!


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