Ryan Brim: Day 3, JF Trip Spring

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today started off well with an early morning hike through Petit Jean State Park.  It was our first-ever Junior Fellows workout on a field trip, and it was nice. It was a beautiful trail with steep slopes, rocky terrain, amazing waterfalls, and a raging river.  The view was great at the Petit Jean overlook. You could see as far as 20 miles, and maybe more!  We got ice cream from a local, little country store.

Junior Fellows at Petit Jean Park

When we got back to the hotel, we cleaned up and got ready for the day.  While Professor Yawn attended the conference, my Mom drove the Junior Fellows and me to Little Rock. We dropped off the Junior Fellows at the Law School while Mom and I went shopping, where I was able to get some new dress pants and shoes—my others were getting too small.

Following our shopping excursion, we were able to tour the State Capitol, which looks a whole lot like the U. S. Capitol.  The tour guide didn’t provide a whole lot of information, but it was an impressive structure, and we were able to do some exploration on our own.

As a bonus, we were also able to tour the Arkansas Supreme Court, where we were able to learn some amazing information about the state’s highest court.  We were even able to sit in the chairs of the Justices!

Junior Fellows at the Arkansas State Supreme Court

After leaving our perches in the Supreme Court, we moved over to the famous duck march in the Peabody Hotel.  The ducks were well trained, and the Duck Master was entertaining.

Peabody Ducks

Our final site-seeing event of the day was a return to the state Capitol, where we took photographs of a memorial to the Little Rock Nine, with a focus on Elizabeth Eckford.

The Little Rock Nine, Arkansas Capitol Building

We capped off our day with a dinner at the Whole Hog Café, where I ate a half-rack of ribs, a pile of beans, a roll, a small piece of chicken, and a piece of Lauren’s brownie.  It was my favorite of all of the restaurants that we’ve been to so far and that, combined with my hunger, allowed me to finish off all of my ribs before Mike finished just two of his.

It might not be very late now (it’s only 9:30pm), but I am totally worn out from today, so good night!



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