Trade Expo, 2012

The Junior Fellows assisted with their fourth Chamber of Commerce Trade Expo last night, assisting Chamber staff and the occasional business or non-profit organization.

Justin and Christian Helping Out at the Trade Expo

KSAM was there to help out with their usual enthusiasm, and more than 90 other businesses were on hand to show off their products and services.

Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of students there, which is too bad, because it’s a great place for our fellows students to learn about the community.

It’s also a great place for students and locals to get a “taste of Huntsville.”  More than 20 restaurants were on hand to offer samples of their menu items.  Humphreys, Yummy Yummy, Chicken Express, Carbonero, Golden Corral, Double Daves, and other local eateries were all on hand.

It was a fun event, and another great job by the Chamber staff!

Chamber Staff Ready for a Trip to the Beach!


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