Lauren Kethan: Day 5, JF Spring Trip

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It’s hard to imagine being able to top all the events and adventures we have taken on this trip but now I know when you travel with the Sam Houston Junior Fellows, you never know what you might get yourself into! This morning we left for the Melrose Plantation, which is located in a beautiful part of Natchitoches, LA. The most interesting part of the tour at the plantation was featured in the “African House”. Clementine Hunter, a former sharecropper who picked up painting later in life, displayed her murals on the upper level of the African House at Melrose Plantation. As we learned, Clementine loved to depict the memories she had of her life on the plantation. A cool fact about her art is that she painted the people she liked bigger than the people she didn’t like.

Work by Clementine Hunter

For lunch we ate at Merci Beaucoup, where the Cajun Potatoes were delicious. Thank goodness I saved room for dessert because the apple dumpling was sent straight from heaven!

Our next destination was Zip Nac in Nacogdoches, a multi-component zip-line course! Thank goodness it takes two hours to travel from Natchitoches to Nacogdoches because that gave my stomach time to prepare for the thrilling zip lines! If you are ever in Nacogdoches, you must stop by Zip Nac and experience the ride of your life! Soaring through the air definitely topped the charts for me on this trip because being afraid of heights was no option once you had committed to finishing the course! The ziplines were a great way to end our trip!

Lauren on her Inaugural Zip Voyage!

To recap our trip I would love to mention a few of my favorite adventures! The three cities I enjoyed most were Memphis, Little Rock and Nacogdoches! In Memphis, Tennessee, they had Sun Record Studio which I found to be very interesting and exciting, Little Rock, Arkansas showed me what true heroes African American Civil Rights Leaders were, and Nacogdoches, Texas pushed my fear of heights to the limit and allowed me to experience something totally new and different: lack of control! To say the least, I have had more fun in these five days than I have in a long time. Learning so many new things and visiting places that are crucial to American history in a way you couldn’t do on your own is an experience not every college student gets to have. Thank you to the Junior Fellows and everyone who contributed to this once in a life time opportunity!


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