Ryan Brim: Day 5, JF Spring Trip

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey everyone! This was my first time on a trip to this part of the United States, and hopefully not my last. The highlight of my day was a place in Nacogdoches called Zip Nac. It is a very cool park that opened up last summer, owned and run by a nice family. Everyone in the group went through the whole zip line course, and we all had a good time flying through the air on wires.

Ryan and Santiago on the Zip Line

My favorite blog day is when we get to pick out our “faves” from the trip.  My highlights and “Top 3” picks for the trip are:

3. Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken (Memphis, TN).  They brought us more than we could eat!
2. Merci Beaucoup (Natchitoches, LA).  The crawfish meat pies are the best!
1. Whole Hog Café (Little Rock, AR).  The ribs were so good; I wanted to eat more even after I was full!

3. Natchitoches, LA
2. Little Rock, AR
1. Memphis, TN

Outdoor Activities:

3. Sliding down the hill at the Clinton Presidential Library
2. Hiking in Petit Jean State Park (Morrilton, AR)
1. Zip lining at Zip Nac (Nacogdoches, TX)

Museums/Historical Sites:

3. Little Rock Central High (Little Rock, AR)
2. Arkansas State Capitol (Little Rock, AR).  Call ahead of your next trip to schedule a tour.
1. Sun Records (Memphis, TN).  Our tour guide was great!

And my favorite new experience:  For the first time, I tried meat pies at a restaurant called Merci Beaucoup in Natchitoches.  The crawfish meat pies were the best!


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