March to the Grave: March 2, 2012

Sam Houston students continued a long tradition this past Friday, when they marched to Sam Houston’s grave to celebrate the birthday of the Texas hero.

March to the Grave, 2012

This tradition dates back to 1889, but was discontinued from the 1960s through 2000.

Parade in the Early Days

In 2001, the History Department’s Webb Society, under the leadership of Professor Caroline Crimm, revived the tradition, and it has been a part of the March 2nd celebratory events ever since.

Other events marking the occasion include a reception at the Sam Houston Statue and Visitors’ Center, a ceremony at Sam Houston’s Grave, and typically a birthday-cake reception at the Gibbs-Powell Home (although this year this was held at the Wynne Home).

One of the great things about being a student at SHSU is being part of a tradition–even it when it includes a little exercise!

The Junior Fellows have participated in the parade since 2008, and have included it in their “Then & Now” Art Exhibit.


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