Charity Football Game: 2012

The Junior Fellows are continuing to prepare for their annual Charity Football Game, which will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 1:00 pm on the Lower Pritchett Field.

This year marks the fifth consecutive year that the Junior Fellows have brought Democrats and Republicans together to support local causes such as the Huntsville YMCA.

The Junior Fellows Present a $1,500 Check to the YMCA

The Concept: The Charity game is set up something like a charity golf tournament.  Participants–who include Junior Fellows, other students, faculty, and community leaders–pay $100 (students) or $150 (community leaders) to play, and then they engage in weekly practices, where they socialize, have fun, and even practice a little bit.  They don’t do a lot of active fund raising, but they do make a general plea that other individuals, organizations, and businesses in the community chip in if possible.  All the money they raise is split between the Huntsville YMCA and the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund.

History: The Junior Fellows’ charity football game began in 2008, at which point the organization donated all of the proceeds to the YMCA.  At the time, John Holcombe was the chair of the Political Science Department and a strong supporter of both the YMCA and the Political Science Junior Fellows.

John Holcombe with Junior Fellows' President Ademide Adedokun

Sadly, Holcombe passed away later that year and, shortly thereafter, the Junior Fellows and their advisor created the John Holcombe Scholarship Fund with the hopes of endowing a student  scholarship in Holcombe’s honor.

Since 2008, the Junior Fellows have donated more than $5,600 to the YMCA and approximately $4,000 to the John Holcombe Scholarship fund.

Holcombe Endowment: With this year’s proceeds, the Junior Fellows will be able to bring the Holcombe Fund to $25,000 and officially endow the scholarship.

2012 Game: This year the Junior Fellows began their fundraising efforts by donating $1,300 of their own money to the game.  Since then, sponsors have matched that amount, and the Junior Fellows are well on their way to another successful fundraiser.

In addition to the game, the Junior Fellows offer numerous activities for children.  They will have sack races, a frisbee toss, tug of war, and other fun games.

Half-Time Sack Races

In addition, food will be available, so bring out your family!  Attendance is free!

Sponsors:  The Junior Fellows would like to thank the many donors who have matched the players’ contributions or otherwise contributed to the fundraiser:

Phillip Hons (Republican Candidate for Commissioner, Precinct Three)
Bill Daugette (Democratic Candidate for Commissioner, Precinct Three)
Walker County Democratic Party
Walker County Republican Party
Walker County Republican Women
Frank & Janet Fair
Walker County Bar Association
Giordani, Swanger, Ripp & Phillips
Megan Bryant
Lee Courtney
Tracy Sorensen



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