Jail Project Town Hall

Sheriff Clint McRae, Deputy Steve Fisher, DA David Weeks, and other county officials weighed in on the prospects for a new jail on Monday night.  Judging from the response of the audience, the prospects look good.

A new jail is needed, according to the Sheriff, because the current jail is too old, too small, and out of code.  The county has two options: (1) spend 13 million or so renovating the current jail, or (2) spend a little more building a new one.

Sheriff McRae Discussing Jail Options

The town hall was the first in a series of community interactions designed to gain public feedback on the proposals.  When the town halls end next week, the Commissioners Court will deliberate on the matter, and make a decision.

The Junior Fellows attended the meeting, part of their ongoing connection to county government–a kind of continuing education related to their County U Program.   Judge Pierce, Constable Steve Hill, and our favorite lawyer, Tracy Sorensen, were there, as were candidates for Commissioner, Precinct 2 were there, too: Bill Daugette and Phillip Hons.  Of course, the four commissioners were there, too: B. J. Gaines, Ronnie White, Bobby Warren, Tim Paulsel.

The County Commissioners Attended


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