Journeys: Honors College Panel

Let’s Talk, with its evening of fun and conversation, is one of the University’s most popular events.  But we hope it doesn’t overshadow the Honors College’s Journeys Panel.  Scheduled a few hours before Let’s Talk, the Journeys Panel brings together a diverse panel of speakers to share their “journeys” with students, perhaps shedding light on paths open to students.

This year, the panel featured TX Representative John Otto; Director of Telechek, Chuck Andrews; NFL Referee Walt Andrews, and DEA Agent Nate Fountain. Each shared their experiences with an audience mostly consisting of students, and each of their stories was interesting and enlightening.

This is the type of event that typifies the college experience–broadening horizons, enlightening, and entertaining.  We hope the event is repeated, and we hope that more students attend as the word gets out.  It’s a great service for the University provided by the Honors College.




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