King Tut Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The King Tut Exhibit is currently in Houston, but when it leaves on April 15, it will be its last visit to the United States for at least 75 years.  With this kind of deadline looming, we decided to organize a field trip.

We didn’t get a huge crew, but we were able to rope in a few of our members, our advisors, our Junior Junior Fellow (Ryan Brim), Mac and Leanne Woodward, and some of our alumni.  In honor of Tut, we decided to look for some Egyptian food; we didn’t find Egyptian food specifically, but we did find a nice Mediterranean Restaurant, Pasha, and we were ready.

The food was great at Pasha, with the lamb being particularly good.  We ordered the sampler platter and a nice variety of entrees–including chicken, lamb, and even a couple of pizza-like dishes.  We recommend it.

We also recommend that King Tut exhibit.  The tour starts off small, with smaller, less spectacular trinkets, and other artifacts from a long period spanning 3000 BC to 1000 BC.  It definitely helps if you have a background in Egyptian history; otherwise it’s difficult to track the evolution of their culture.

JFs, Alumni, and Friends, Outside the MFAH

Even without that knowledge, however, the tour is very interesting.  As you progress on the tour, the artifacts become more spectacular.  Some of our group enjoyed the gold–the bracelets or necklaces, which often included exquisite artwork.  Others enjoyed  the big things–sphinxes, statues, and the like.  As Ryan said after seeing one statue: “He’s got rock-hard abs.”  Others enjoyed the day-to-day things associated with Tut’s life–his bed, his chair.  And still others the golden sandals and the strange finger and toe protectors in which he was buried.

It should be noted that the crowds are reasonably well managed, although it was difficult to see some exhibits because of the crowding and maneuvering.  No photography is allowed.  And the mummified corpse you see at the end is a….replica.  But it’s worth the cost, and it’s more fun in a group!

JFs, Alumni, and Friends!


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