Saturdays @ Sam

SHSU offers various Saturdays at Sam sessions throughout the year, providing students the opportunity to learn more about the University.  The students are given a tour of campus, have the chance to meet with faculty from their chosen field, and are able to talk to an advisor.

This year, the Junior Fellows were available to assist these students with making their college choice.  So Saturday morning, we put on our orange shirts and provided a “mini-orientation” in the Holcombe room.  We were available for two hours and about twenty-five people stopped by.  The parents had a lot of questions, but so did the students.  Mostly, they were interested in pre-law, and they asked questions about the classes, the teachers, and the organizations on campus.

We were able to provide them with the usual information: (1) a timeline for law school, (2) good majors and the classes that will help them, (3) how to get involved on campus and the type of organization that will benefit students, and (4) the importance of the LSAT.

We were also able to provide them with some information that we didn’t know coming into our college years.  What kind of things do Law Schools look for in a Letter of Recommendation?  Or a personal statement?  How can you prepare for the LSAT?  Thankfully, we knew the answers to a lot of these questions from the legal seminars we have hosted in the past.

We were also able to tell them that we partner with Kaplan Testing to offer and score Mock LSATs, that we have a regular LSAT Prep Course offered on campus now, that that we offer the aforementioned Legal Seminars, that we bring in representatives from Law Schools across the state (e.g., Texas Tech), that we take trips out of state to law schools, that we meet with high-ranking legal officials, and the like. Of course, we also told them that we were partnering with the 10th Court of Appeals to host Oral Arguments here at SHSU on April 18.

When you think about it, SHSU students probably have more access to law-school information than just about any other students in the states–at least that at Universities that don’t have a law school.

We were impressed with the students’ and the parents’ interest, and we were glad to help the department, and the pre-law program.  We’re looking forward to the next Saturday’s At Sam!



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