2012 Charity Football Game

The Orange Team beat the White Team in the Junior Fellows’ 5th Annual Charity Football game today. The real winners, however, were the YMCA and the John Holcombe Scholarship, the beneficiaries of the $5,200 raised from the annual contest.*

The game brings Democrats and Republicans together for the purpose of supporting local causes.  Thirteen players from both parties agreed to donate approximately $100 each and to play in weekly practices for the game.  They began by donating the first $1,400 to the fundraiser.

Pre-Game Prayer

From there, community support followed.  In all, more than 40 people or organizations contributed.  Other fundraisers bring in more money, but the Junior Fellows have endeavored to create a small, sustainable fundraising program that could contribute to local causes.  Over the past five years, they’ve raised $14,800 for these two worthy causes.

There was lots of football action, including Justin Veillon showing his speed

Christian Bionat Stops Justin Veillon With a Diving Grab

Justin Beiser showing off his arm…

Justin Beiser Throwing

Laken showing that she can catch Yawn

And Laken leaping for a catch, which she caught!

Laken Makes the Grab

“The Justins” showing their leaping abilities…

Justin and Justin Going for the Ball

Melva coming down with the ball…

Melva Makes the Catch

Everyone got into the action…

…the game also featured some entertaining half-time activities.  It started with a sack race…

Hair Flying in the Half-Time Sack Race. Notice YMCA Chairman of the Board, Margaret Gulledge, in Blue.

…moved on to a tug-of-war contest, a frisbee toss, an egg toss…

Egg Toss (Notice Ryan Brim and Christian Bionat Cheating with the Egg Handoff)

and the YMCA dance…

Dancing to the Village People's YMCA

Also, congratulations to Ryan Brim for winning a Sam Houston football autographed by Coach Fritz and the players, and to Rosemary Heinsohn, who won a football signed by thirty-three elected officials in Walker County.  Ms. Heinsohn’s winning raffle was particularly nice, because she was a participant in one of the Junior Fellows’ other programs, County U.

Following the game, players and supporters joined for a check presentation for the YMCA…

Check Presentation to the YMCA, Featuring Representatives from both Parties, Mayor Mac Woodward, YMCA Staff, YMCA kids, and all the Players.

…and the John Holcombe Scholarship.

The Junior Fellows and Friends Presenting a Check to Cindy Truax, from SHSU's University Advancement

With this donation, the Holcombe Scholarship will be officially endowed.  The organization and our advisors donated seventy-percent of the $25,000 necessary to endow a scholarship.

We’d like to thank the following public officials for attending: Mayor Mac Woodward, Councilmember Tish Humphrey, Councilmember Lydia Montgomery, Judge Danny Pierce, and Judge Mike Countz.  We’d also like to thank political candidates Bill Daugette, Philip Hons, and Shane Loosier for being there.

Philip Hons, Bill Daugette, Mayor Mac Woodward, Junior Fellows, and Friends Look On

And, of course, we’d like to thank all the Democrats and Republicans who put their partisan differences aside and tried to make a difference in the community.

Participants in the 2012 Charity Football Game

*This total includes walk-up donations.  The giant checks do not reflect the money donated at the game or the money raised from raffle sales.


One thought on “2012 Charity Football Game

  1. Sounds like the Football game went off without a hitch! Kudos! Good job Orange team! White team needs to consider another line of work…

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