David Adickes

One of the cool things about being a Junior Fellow is getting to see things and learn about things that you wouldn’t otherwise have learned about in Huntsville, Texas.  One of those things is the art of David Adickes.

Adickes, of course, is the artist who sculpted the sixty-odd foot statue of Sam Houston on I-45.  He’s become famous, in fact, for his large statues.  He’s done the Beatles; presidential heads; Stephen F. Austin in Angleton; the Virtuoso in Houston.

The Virtuoso

But he’s done thousands of paintings, too.  And, now, you can see a lot of his art work here in Huntsville at the Adickes’ Foundation Museum.

The Adickes Foundation on University Avenue

The museum has more than 300 paintings. The works are distributed in different rooms based on styles and periods of his career.

The Museum isn’t fully open to the public at this point.  Rather, Mr. Adickes is having a series of openings for different people, with the hope of being open to the public during regular hours at some point in the future.

In the meantime, you can find his work on I-45 and across the nation–enjoy!

The Beatles by David Adickes


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