David Dewhurst in Huntsville

This past Friday, the Junior Fellows had the opportunity to volunteer at an event featuring Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.  The event allowed us the amazing opportunity to make important political contacts while also getting an up-close view of politics in action.

Junior Fellows with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

The wonderful event was hosted by local resident Jeff Bradley, who seemed to enjoy himself immensely….

Host Jeff Bradley

…and was attended by many interesting guests. During the course of the evening we got the privilege to meet Captain David Moran. Captain Moran is a Marine who did two tours in Iraq and was hit by an IED on his second tour.  His commitment and selflessness was incredibly inspiring to all of us.

Captain David Moran

It was nice to see many friends of the Junior Fellows: Mac and Leanne Woodward…

Mayor Woodward with Lt. Governor Dewhurst

Clint and Diana McRae

Does Anyone In The World Look More Like A Sheriff Than Clint McRae?

Dr. Bill Green, Tracy Sorensen, Jim and Nancy Gaertner…

Lt. Governor Dewhurst with President Gaertner

David and Kelly Weeks, Judge Danny Pierce

Judge Pierce

Councilmember Don Johnson

…and some of our County U alumni: Philip and Laura Hons, and Ronnie and Reba White, and Shane and Madeline Loosier.

The Loosiers

And, of course, the ever present Ryan Brim, who is starting his political career early…

Ryan Brim

We also had the opportunity to renew some more recent acquaintances, such as Representative and Mrs. Otto….

Representative and Mrs. Otto

and Representative Charles Schwertner.

Representative Charles Schwertner with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

It was also nice to hear Lt. Governor David Dewhurst speak about his career in the Air Force, the CIA, and the business world.

The theme of the evening, by and large, was service, patriotism, and the American Dream.  As young students, it was nice to be reminded about the importance of hard work, opportunity, and service to community and country.

It was great to see campaigns up close while also being allowed to be a part of the process and pursue our goals of service, professionalism, and education.  It was an incredible learning opportunity in many ways.


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