Junior Fellows at the State Park

After the Junior Fellows volunteered at an event featuring David Dewhurst on May 19, 2012, thirteen members, alumni, and friends packed into four vehicles and embarked on an overnight camping adventure. Upon arriving at Huntsville State Park, The Junior Fellows got to work on pitching tents and getting a campfire started. As the members gathered around the campfire, ‘Smores were made while having discussions about the evening.

Junior Fellows Having Smores Around the Campfire

Restless members took the liberty to scope out the grounds to plan the next day. Docks to launch the Kayaks and Canoes were found.

The Junior Fellows began the next day early (some of them did so involuntarily) with a hearty breakfast (breakfast tacos and hobo coffee!) and loaded up the Kayaks and Canoes and headed out to the lake. With three Kayaks and three canoes, twelve of the members were able to paddle their way around the lake. With the weather being perfect, the Junior Fellows relaxed and enjoyed themselves as they maneuvered around the Lilly Pads…


…other boats…

…and alligators…

Alligator at the Huntsville State Park

That’s not something you see every day.

Our photographer didn’t say much about spotting an alligator, which perhaps explains why five of us decided to go swimming a little later in the afternoon.

We capped off our camping trip with a hotdog-laden lunch, and then packed up, headed home, and prepared for an evening of archiving organizational records.  Camping is more fun.


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