Austin Trip, Day 1: Ryan Brim (May 31, 2012)

Hello, everyone. Today was my last day at school and the first day of our first summer trip – to Austin. The drive here was good, at least for one of the cars (ours). The other car (Christian, Melva, Diana, and Annel) had a completely different experience. They almost drifted off of the road and into a cornfield trying to avoid hitting another car.

The first real site we saw today was Mount Bonnell.  Mount Bonnell, named after George Bonnell, is a beautiful site to see, especially at night. When we arrived, the sun was starting to set.  It’s a great place to visit at least once if you’re in Austin.

Ryan Brim, Holding the Moon

The students chose from dinner options that included Indian, Brazilian, and Ethiopian food, and they chose Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant.  Traditionally, the Ethiopian way to eat is with your fingers – my kind of place.  They served all our food family style, or all together on a huge platter.  They give you a special type of bread called injera, which is a spongy type of bread. You rip off pieces of bread, and pinch and scoop the prepared foods from the platter with the injera.  The food was good, and the experience was, too.

It is late now, and we have a long day tomorrow, so I better not stay up too late.  Goodnight!



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