Austin Trip, Day 3: Deanna Tyler (June 2, 2012)

What a busy day this third day of Austin has been! The funny thing is, the Junior Fellows and I were stuck in the same room for about 13 hours! We all rolled up at the LBJ School at 9:00 on the dot and got buckled down to listen to a few speakers speak.  We listened to a few interesting speakers, the most engaging of which was Vincent Harris, the CEO of Harris Media LLC. Mr. Harris’s main focus in his lectures is Social Media. This of course, is my cup of tea because I love social networking sites, and I seem to have a lot of unnecessary accounts.  Mr. Harris strongly advised campaign bootcampers to advertise for free on Facebook by creating a fan page. Being the Press Secretary for my team I paid strong attention and had an idea to use Facebook in a way to showcase the behind-the-scenes aspects of our campaign. Finally at 6:30, we were able to break into our teams and to get our campaigns ready to present to the “Texas Campaign Commission”.

When it was time to break out in groups, our team had a few struggles on where to begin. My team, which was Media, had some attrition, and we were left with just two people.  After speaking with our bootcamp mentors, we created a logo and a plan.  With a little more leadership and some more work, I think we’ll do a fine job when we present our campaigns to the “Texas Campaign Commission.”  It’s been a great experience, and I cannot wait to actually use all the information we have learned from this Campaign Bootcamp.




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