Austin Trip, Day 3: Ryan Brim (June 2, 2012)

I started out this morning with a seminar at NPF called “Messaging 101: How to Craft a Message that Resonates with Voters,” which has been my favorite seminar so far. This lecture included topics like the elements of a good message, how to frame your message, and the power of value-based communication. One of the techniques of persuasive speech that I learned consisted of three steps: 1. Cushion, 2. Position, and 3. Close. First, you find a common ground between your candidate and the person you are trying to persuade. Then, after you have them hooked on what you are saying, you reel them in with a proposal. Lastly, you close the conversation with “an ask” of commitment.

Parag Mehta and Jessica Colon Discuss Communication

Soon after the session was over, I changed clothes and we drove to a town just outside of Austin called Dripping Springs, and ate a small restaurant called Rolling in Dough and Thyme. I thought the food was pretty good.

Food from Rolling in Dough and Thyme

We drove to a small town by the name of Bee Cave, with a population of only 656. We found a quite large outdoor mall. We looked around in many stores and looked through a couple of them. While on our way back to Austin, we stopped at a restaurant named The Oasis, which has a wonderful view of Lake Travis, especially at night. The previous Oasis burned down in 2005, and the new one was built soon after in 2008.

Sunset over Lake Travis

I am sad to say that tomorrow will be the last day of the trip, but I will enjoy it anyway. This has been my favorite of all of the Campaign Bootcamps, and I hope to have an even better one next year.




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