Austin Trip, Day 4: Deanna Tyler (June 3, 2012)

The final day in Austin was definitely a day that I’ll never forget. I woke up that morning feeling refreshed and ready to present my presentation about the media to the “Texas Campaign Commission”. I don’t remember a time where I was so determined to just prove myself to a few strangers, so one could imagine the anticipation that was going through my brain when we all had to listen to two more speakers at the beginning of the last day of Bootcamp. I’m going to be honest; it was incredibly hard to pay attention when my brain was in the creative mindset.

When the final speakers, David Holmes and Zechariah Vaughn, were done discussing their topic on Research on Political Campaigns, it was finally time to put the last logistics of our team’s campaign together and to get ready for our presentation. Of course, everyone was stressed out and there were a few times where we all looked at each other and said “what are we doing?” We did not really have a direction of how we were supposed to present our campaign plans. Of course, my team, media, was pretty relaxed and we were satisfied with how our Facebook page looked for our candidate.

At last, it was time for the two teams to present our campaign strategies to the “Texas Campaign Commission”. A coin was flipped and it was determined that the Jessica Carter-Gonzalez team would go first. That was my team. We had twenty minutes to present, and I am satisfied with how it all was presented.

Deanna Presenting Her Team’s Communication Strategy

Each team had been on track with the timeline we had presented and there were times that we were in sync with each other rather if we were media, fundraising or field teams. I presented most of the media portion, and our message was “There is no cap of the American Dream” with pictures of graduation caps which will target our younger generation. The judges were impressed with this idea.

When the Jim Westwood team presented, we were blown away with their presentation. They had thought through more ideas than we did and they even had a radio spot to present to the “Texas Campaign Commission”.  The fundraising team for Jim Westwood was really impressive and it kind of intimidated our team. When it was time to announce the winners, Jim Westwood’s team won best message, best fundraising and best overall. It was much deserved for all of them and I congratulate everyone on that team. Our team had won Best Field work and I am proud of our field team. They did a great job planning out the events and how to Get Out the Vote.

It was sad to leave the Campaign Bootcamp and after telling goodbyes to all the other bootcampers and exchanging numbers and email addresses to them, it was time for the Junior Fellows to travel home back to Huntsville.

Before we started on I35 again, we all stopped at Hoboken Pie restaurant to grab some pizza. The pizza was literally like a huge pie and it was rather tasty. While eating, it was time to compare and contrast each other’s perspectives on how the Campaign Bootcamp helped us in learning how to run a campaign. We all thought it was beneficial and we really enjoyed the speakers.

Now it was time to drive the 3 hour drive where we all had a good time sharing stories and a chance to all reflect on how the weekend helped us in figuring out our career paths. I am incredibly thankful for this weekend with the Junior Fellows and thankful for the opportunity to learn about something I am interested in going into one day. This weekend has been one of the best weekends I’ve ever had and there would not be any group I’d rather experience and make memories with. Thank you Junior Fellows for sharing this experience with me!


One thought on “Austin Trip, Day 4: Deanna Tyler (June 3, 2012)

  1. Such a touching story of how close you’ve become with your JF’s. I think everyone hopes to have that experience at some point in college!
    Great exposure with Boot Camp 🙂

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