Austin Trip, Day 4: Melva Gomez

As the girls were getting ready for our last day of NPF, we were surprised when we found out that we had Krispy Kreme donuts in our room, courtesy of Will, who got up early to provide food for the group. Each of us had one or two before we headed out to the conference. Once we arrived, we joined our assigned team to continue working on our campaign project.  We had to clean up our slide show presentation and adding and omitting as appropriate. Before we knew it, it was time for our last seminar.

The last seminar was really interesting; the presenters talked about how to do opposition research. I was amazed at how much work is put into this type of research. The details that these campaigns ask for are really interesting. It’s not just research the opponent, of course, but also researching the candidate for which you are working.

Before we knew it we were about to present in front of the judges. All of our hard work, team work, advice from our mentor, Jessica Cole, and the presentations throughout the weekend, were about to be presented in front of a panel of judges. It was fascinating to see how different our campaign was from our opponent’s. They were very detailed and specific with their information, where our team focused on our candidate and what he presents.  I have to admit being in front of the judges is pretty nerve-wracking; it was during the presentation that they were going to see how much we have learned from their presentations and how much of their advice we took into action.

Winning Team for “Best Message”

At the end of the day I was really honored to be part of team Westwood because we won Best Message, Best Finance Report, and we won overall.

Overall Campaign Winner

We couldn’t have done it with our mentors Jessica Cole and Parag. They were really helpful.

To finish off our trip in the beautiful city of Austin, TX, the Junior Fellows went to a small pizza shack called Hoboken Pie. We all discussed our favorite moments throughout the conference and what we took from this experience. Looking back , I realized how much information I gained over the weekend and how honored I was to have people in my life who encourage me to do my best and encourage me to expand my store of knowledge. This trip was amazing; I had a taste of politics, Austin’s culture and Austin’s history; what more can you ask for?  I am looking forward to our next trip and I hope is as good and exciting as this trip.



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