Junior Fellows and the Lone Star Leadership Academy

The Junior Fellows engage in various philanthropic efforts each year.  Our major effort is our Charity Football Fundraiser.  On a much more modest scale, the Junior Fellows have also donated to the costs of the Lone Star Leadership Academy for Ryan Brim.  Ryan helps us with various events and, in fact, has attended 21 Junior Fellows events this year, and it’s a privilege to help him.  We can’t think of a better way to do that than through the Lone Star Leadership Academy, which offers young people wonderful educational opportunities in key Texas cities.

We did make a requirement of Ryan this year, as we did last year–he has to blog for us each day he is at the Lone Star Leadership Academy.  The Academy does not phones or other electronic gadgets at the camp, but Ryan wrote the blogs longhand and and typed them out when he returned from his visits to Austin, Wimberly, San Marcos, and San Antonio.  Those blogs, and a few pictures, follow.



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