Lone Star Leadership Academy: Monday, June 11

We woke around 6:30 and had about 45 minutes to get ready before breakfast at 7:15. The food was good enough, and I can’t complain. Every day we have a different leadership skill. Yesterday’s skill was inclusion, while today’s skill is Determination. We have small groups where we discuss the leadership skill of the day. Sometimes, we do a group activity. Today, we did an activity called The Helium Stick.

First, you set a long, wooden rod on the top or everyone’s knuckles with their palms facing down. Next, without losing contact on the rod everyone lowers it to the ground. It seems almost impossible, but you are so focused on maintaining contact that you push it up without realizing it. It seems to magically rise, just like Helium. It is a good determination and team builder because you really want to complete the task.

The first attraction we visited was The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, which was opened in 2001 when the former Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock decided that Texas needed a state history museum. The museum has three floors representing Texas’ 3 stages: Encounters on the Land, Building the Lone Star Identity, and Creating Opportunity.

The LBJ Presidential Library is where we went next. It is 1 of the 13 presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Association, but the only presidential library to have free admission. I have been there before, but I never have gone up to the archives section, where we went. There were high shelves of nothing but boxes and boxes of documents and anything having to do with his presidency.

I had 26 Texas Tokens today, but I still didn’t get a prize, but they keep the Tokens from the previous days, so I have a total of 36 Texas Tokens.

When we got back to the dorm, I took a shower and had around 27 minutes left until lights-out. It is getting close to bedtime, so I will continue writing tomorrow.


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