Lone Star Leadership Academy: Sunday, June 10

Hello! This week I am at the Lone Star Leadership Academy. It is a non-profit organization that teaches kids leadership skills while visiting political and historical sites of interest. They have three different camps in 3 cities: Dallas/ Fort Worth, Austin/ San Antonio, Houston/ Galveston.

I checked into the camp around 4:00 pm in Wimberley, a town just outside of Austin. We did an icebreaker to learn everyone’s name. We had an intro to the camp by Mr. Rick, the camp director. Throughout the week, you can earn Texas Tokens, which are small slips of paper that you can earn by being a good citizen (holding doors) or answering Texas Trivia. At the end of each day, they take up the tokens and do a drawing. If your name is drawn, you get a cool prize like a flag flown over the capital on TX Independence day. Today, I earned 10 tokens.

We had a hot dog cookout with a dessert of marshmallows. After dinner, we chose our beds and set them up. After taking showers, we had around 30-45 minutes of free time where we could do what we wanted such as play cards, read, or even write a blog.

I better end this blog before they turn out the lights at 10:30, but I can’t wait until tomorrow’s activities.

Austin at Dusk, Things to Come


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