Lone Star Leadership Academy, Thursday, June 14

Today started out with a good breakfast and small group.  We discussed “Responsibility” and what it means to be responsible.

The day started at Natural Bridge Caverns, my favorite site on this trip.  It is named because of a natural rock bridge over the opening of one of the caverns.  It was discovered by four college students attending St. Mary’s.  There were many “rooms” with each room more amazing that the last.  Some rooms even had pools of freezing cold water.

In the Cavern

We had lunch and then visited the Aquarena Center where we had a boat tour with a glass bottom to look at the underwater springs and vegetation.  Our tour guide told us that the water was coming out of the spring so fast that if they drained all of the water out, it would fill up in about 6-8 hours.

Stalagmites and Stalagtites

When we got back to the facility, instead of going straight to our dorms, we went outside and made homemade rope.  It is very colorful, and everyone got to pick a color.  We showered and got ready for tomorrow.  I am worn out from the camp and need as much sleep as I can, so I say “adieu.”


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