Lone Star Leadership Academy, Wednesday, June 13

Today started out just like any other day at camp, except we wore slacks.  Our skill for the day was “Communication.”

We first visited the Texas State Cemetery, home to some of the oldest people of Texas,like Stephen F. Austin.  We took pictures at famous people’s graves such as Bob Bullock and Tom Landry.

Grave of Tom Landry

We then visited the Texas State Capitol, which I have visited several times before, and taken the tour just as many, but I never have been to the offices of my Senator and Representative.  Although they were not there, I talked with the people who worked with them in their office.  I think that would be a great job to have.

Ryan Brim at the Desk of Representative Lois Kolkhorst

We walked to the Texas State Supreme Court where we got to sit in the chairs after an explanation on how the court works and what happens.

Dinner was served at Ironworks, a BBQ place and not the best place to eat with slacks on.  I had a chopped beef sandwich that was better than any other place at which we ate.

After having a full belly, we took a riverboat tour where we could see the bats under the Congress Avenue bridge.

Sunset in Austin

It got so late that we had to do the Texas Token drawing on the bus.  I did not win the prize, but I added 21 more tokens to the stash, totaling 80 tokens.

When we did arrive back at the dorms, there was only time for a few showers, which I took advantage of by taking mine first.

I have a busy day tomorrow and not as much time normally as I would have had to sleep, so I better hit the sack.


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