Santiago Casas: Summer Internship in Laredo, TX

I had the opportunity to intern with Alison White Haynes, a wonderful Attorney who works in Laredo, Texas. She and three other attorneys are partners at Trevino, Valls, and Haynes LLP.

Mrs. Haynes’s practice involves representing her clients across several litigation areas. She handles trial and appellate cases focusing on the defense of commercial, employment, premises liability, personal injury and construction disputes throughout the state of Texas in both state courts, as well as all four federal district courts in Texas. She also has experience in bankruptcy, first party insurance dispute, usury claims, tax appraisal disputes and foreclosures. She attended St. Mary’s University School of Law and Texas A&M University. She is a member of the Laredo-Webb County Bar Association, Fellow of the State Bar of Texas and Fellow of the Trial Lawyer Honorary Society for the Litigation Counsel of America.

I stayed pretty busy during my internship. During the internship I was able to travel down to “The Valley”, to the cities of McAllen, Edinburg, and also to the city of Corpus Christi, and of course Laredo. These trips were not all-day trips. Some trial hearings required us to stay overnight rather than traveling back and forth between cities. I was kept fed intellectually in legal matters, whether that was in the Southern District Federal Court (there are only four Federal Districts in TX) or sitting in a DEPO (Deposition) for ten hours straight. I gained an enormous amount of knowledge in the way court systems work, from the etiquette for an attorney in the courtroom itself, all the way to the proper filing and procedural system for a law suit.

Webb County Courthouse, Laredo, TX

Mrs. Haynes was very kind to take me under her wing and provide me experiences that will shape my future in the law field. Not only did she give me legal insight, but also how to balance your personal life with your professional life, and this is what may benefit me the most as I approach the end of my undergraduate career and transition to law school.




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