Roman Holiday Film Review: Junior Fellow He Said, She Said

Ryan Brim: Hello everyone! On Thursday, July 12th, I went with the Junior Fellows to College Station to see the movie Roman Holiday at the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library. Before the movie, we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Frittella in Bryan. We had a variety of dishes including Cannelloni, Frittella (the restaurant’s namesake and specialty), Lasagna, and other Italian dishes. I tried to finish my dinner with a Cappuccino, but it was too hot to drink it all. After dinner, we headed to the Library, and took seats on the first two rows of the theater. Roman Holiday is my favorite movie starring Gregory Peck, and the only movie that I have seen starring Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday

If you haven’t seen it yourself, it’s worth watching to see the scenes about “The Mouth of Truth” and the press conference at the end of the movie, two of my favorite parts.  The film is funny, romantic, and engaging throughout.

Roman Holiday

Hellieth Pedroza: On Thursday July 12th, we drove to College Station to watch Roman Holiday. Before the movie, we stopped at Fritella which is an Italian restaurant that has been in Texas since 1960. The meals were delicious, at very good prices. Roman Holiday is a romantic comedy starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

Gregory Peck

Peck was a very handsome and fine looking man, and he ends up falling in love with the beautiful princess, played by Hepburn.  I enjoyed the movie because Audrey is an actress like no other, very original and a true natural beauty. My favorite part was when Princess Ann (Hepburn) decides to let loose and cut her hair—despite disapproving looks from her stylist. It was amusing because most women see their hair as a very important treasure, but she thought cutting it would give her the freedom she had been desperately seeking. Once her hair was cut, both she and the stylist were happy with the result, and freedom did, in fact, ensue.  Roman Holiday is a movie that is sure to please and sure to draw a smile.

Junior Fellows


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