Junior Fellows’ Updates


September 6: Kathy Reichs (Author of Bones Series)
September 8: November, by David Mamet (Alley Theater)
September 12-15: Dana Andrews Film Festival (Featured Speaker: Dr. Carl Rollyson–as well as Andrews’ daughter and niece)
September 22: Wynne Home Art Exhibit Opening–Prison Art
September 26: TX Tech Law School Visit
September 29: Gibbs-Powell 150th Anniversary
October 2: Law School Caravan, TAMU
October: County U (Tuesday nights in October)
October 6: Fair on the Square
October 8: Law School Panel
October 13: Great Muddy Escape
October 15: SHMM Amateur Photograph Exhibit Opening
October 18: Patricia Cornwell Booksigning
October 20: Mock LSAT
October 23: “Leuikemia and Genomics Research: Past, Present, and Future”
October 27: Scare on the Square
November 7-12: JF Trip (Southern Culture Trip–7 states)
November 9: CHSS Outdoor Classroom Opening
November 10: HEARTS Veterans Day Gala
November 27: Michael Connelly Book Signing
November 29: Scholarship Luncheon
December 7: HEARTS Pearl Harbor Dinner



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