Kathy Reichs

Last night the Junior Fellows traveled to Murder by the Book in Houston to see Kathy Reichs, a professor of forensic anthropology, author of more than 20 books, and producer of the television show Bones.

Ms. Reichs is promoting her newest book, Bones are Forever, but she also discussed her young adult work that she writes with her son, her children’s work, and the work she does for the television show, Bones.

Junior Fellows, Friends, and Kathy Reich

Reichs is interesting for many reasons, but one is that she is one of only eighty-eight certified forensic anthropologists.  Perhaps for this reason, she actually works for two Universities, McGill (in Canada) and University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  With her recent success, however, she is not expected to teach, and she has large discretion in choosing the cases she will work on as a forensics expert.

Afterward, the organization went to the Black Walnut Cafe, where members had Lobster tacos, gyros, toasted ravioli, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and other delicious fare!


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